Our Services

CMG Our Services Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial planning takes your financial and personal life into account including your values, dreams and goals.

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CMG Our Services Asset Management

Asset Management

Have recent market conditions left you feeling uncertain? Let’s revaluate your perspective on your overall financial situation.

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CMG Our Services Estate Planning

Estate Planning

While it can be daunting to consider, estate planning can prevent major financial burdens from being passed onto your loved ones.

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CMG Our Services Risk Management

Risk Management

Managing risk is a fundamental part of wealth management and can protect you and your family from a broad range of financial risks.

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Our Process

  1. Interview for fit
    What are you looking to accomplish? Are we the right firm for you? Are you the right client for us?

  2. Develop your mission statement
    We not only gather facts, but also capture your feelings. We will ask you about your biggest financial concerns, goals and aspirations.

  3. Analyze the gap
    More often than not there will be gaps between where you are now and where you need to be in order to accomplish your goals.

  4. Make suitable recommendations
    We will present you with an action plan a tangible series of steps to help remedy the gaps we see in your situation and to help proactively move you towards your desired destination.

  5. Implement your plan
    Once you decide to implement your plan with us, we will help you work toward your goals using solutions-oriented products and services.

  6. Monitor your financial picture
    We know you are too busy to keep a constant eye on your finances so we make sure that we do.

  7. Review and update your big picture goals
    We will connect with you at least four times a year to help stay actively engaged in your life and find out how things may have changed for you.

Investment approach

Once your goals are clearly defined, together we can then determine the role your investments will serve in helping you achieve your financial goals and begin helping you achieve a suitable investment portfolio. Learn more about:

We begin with an assessment of your risk posture and long term investment objectives and overlay these with a 5-year forward looking Strategic Asset Allocation.

Tactical tilts are slight over and underweight positions that we apply to a strategic model based on our view of shorter term economic and market trends. On a monthly basis we evaluate tactical tilts to your portfolio to capitalize on short-term opportunities without disrupting your long-term strategic model.

Through a comprehensive research process we will implement an investment strategy by using multiple investment vehicles that adhere to our investment criteria based on result-oriented measures.

In addition to having traditional risk-based strategic models with tactical tilts we will also apply a specific objective to the risk-based model as desired.

What you keep is more important than what you earn. Our strategies include selecting investments with a track record of tax efficient returns and monitoring capital gain distributions in advance. A collaborative approach with our client’s tax advisors enhances our ability to manage their portfolios in a tax efficient manner.